Niceplay Technology Co., Ltd

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Niceplay Technology

Niceplay whose name is short for Net Interactive Competitive Exercise, established in 2016, focusing on sport intelligent hardware development with a mission to encourage people to do sport by a gaming way. Patented design: Oriori Ball (Wechat Innovation Competition Winner)

Giraffe Daddy Technology Co., Ltd

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giraffe daddy

Giraffe Daddy is a group built by three couples with an aim to make a cartoon for their kids to create their own fairy worlds. From 2016, they’ve created 16 carton images, 4 early education APP and a hardware – Mini-mons Town.

Crocodile Technology Co., Ltd

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Crocodile Technology

Lead by CAS doctors, with a mission to free mind and act, Crocodile Tech focuses on smart mobility research and development since 2014,  developed patented hoverboard, servo scooter, solowheel, etc.