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Smart interactive augmented reality education toys

4 Smart interactive augmented reality education toys, With the development of AR technology, smart interactive augmented reality education toys are increasingly favored by the international education market.  The value of Smart interactive augmented reality education toys is also higher than that of ordinary toys.

Here are 4 ultra high-value AR educational toys to you.  quick learn:

  1. AR (Augmented Reality) mini mons town

best education toys AR mini mons town

AR mini mons town is the best educational toys for 3 year olds toddlers. Monster town is a dream world and experience lift toys for kid. it have 11 language learning, include 3000 Daily vocabulary. Set of Puzzle, Graffiti, Drawing, Speech in one AR (Augmented Reality) toys.


Infinite painting, painted in a blank place to improve the child’s ability to paint, enhance color recognition, the color can be gently wiped with soft paper, graffiti many times.

Learning in 11 languages, 3000 everyday words, Click on any object, there will be live pronunciation.

Hong Kong Kindergarten Official Teaching Materials,Non-substitutable supplementary materials for kindergarten teachers.

Puzzle Games, High quality cardboard can be built with your imagination.

AR mini mons town is the best education toys for kid to know life.

More info: AR mini mons town

buy now,  Recommended index 5 stars.

video: AR mini mons town

2.AR (Augmented Reality) globe

AR globe

AR globe is a variety of learning education toys, exploring the geographical locations of the world, landmarks, characteristic animals, geology, dinosaurs, planetary trajectories, weather, etc.


Main Country /Natural Geological/Landmark/Animal/Dinosaur/Planet Orbit/Natural Geological/Location/ Game Mode , let kids to learning World and World Culture.

AR globe is the top best education toys for kid to learn world.

more info: AR Globe

buy now, Recommended index 5 stars.

video: AR Globe


3. AR (Augmented Reality) animal cards

learnning toys AR animal cards

AR animal cards is a Augmented Reality animal zoo. in the fancy zoo, you will meet 68 animals.


68 animal: 12 Marine animals, 24 Land animals, 9 insects, 13 Flying animals and 10 dinosaurs.

AR animal cards is the best education toys for kid to learning animals.

More info: AR animal cards

buy now, Recommended index 5 stars.

Video: AR animal cards

4. Oriori AR cards

oriori ar cards

Oriori AR cards haves 30 cards, include 3 themes: Marine Animal + Insect + Planet.


Oriori AR cards with AR (Augmented Reality) Mode, VR (Virtual Reality) mode, and Holographic mode.

there view mode, let kid experience new technology toys, Can explore animals, insect and learn more about the orbit of planets.

compare with AR animal cards and AR globe, Oriori AR cards have more view mode.

Oriori AR cards is the best education toys for kid to experience looking with VR/ AR/ Holographic viewing modes.

More info: Oriori AR cards

buy now, Recommended index also 4.5 stars.


Some international educational institutions have already used for there children, After reading this article, the value of Smart Interactive augmented reality education toys also goes without saying.


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