Weeebot mini remote control car toy coding robots for kids

Oriori Weeebot mini coding robots for kids,  build your own robot kit,  programmable remote control robot car toy cheap for sale. 


Oriori Weeebot mini remote control car toy coding robots for kids

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Product Description:

Oriori Weeebot mini coding robots for kids is  with integrated main controller ELF mini, and anodized mechanical structure. Oriori Weeebot mini coding robots is an open-and-play robot for young children and students to get first hands-on experience on smart coding robot.  3 ways to control: IR remote, Bluetooth, phone/tablet, Windows/Mac PC. 6 mode to play. 8 controllable electronics and Endless way to expand.


weeebot mini robot


Product Parameters:

Item NameOriori WeeeBot Mini STEM Robot V1.0
Item size:155*120*93mm
Color:Green, red, orange
Mainboard ELF Mini
On-board SensorLight Sensor, Sound Sensor, IR, RGB LED, Buzzer
External SensorRGB IR Sensor, Line-following Sensor, 5*14 LED Matrix Panel
CommunicationBluetooth, IR
Program SoftwareWeeeCode (Scratch 3.0), Arduino IDE.


Product function:

1. Obstacle Avoidance:

2. Line-following

3. Manual Mode

4. Draw on LED Matrix

5. Coding

6. Extension

How to Play with WeeeBot mini

Product Features:

3 Ways to control

  1. IR Remote
  2. Bluetooth( Phone/Tablet )
  3. Windows/Mac PC

5 Onboard sensors and modules  [ELF Mini]

  1. Light Sensor: detect value of brightness
  2. Sound Sensor: detect value of sound volume
  3. IR Receiver and Transmitter: use IR remote to control robot
  4. RGB LED: can be programmable to show 256 colors
  5. Buzzer: code to play “do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si” tone

3 External sensors and modules

  1. RGB Infrared Sensor: use IR to test object in front, with programmable RGB LED light
  2. Line-following Sensor: defect black and white, so robot can follow black or white line
  3. 5*14 LED Matrix: program to show emoji, numbers, etc

Easy to Code Scratch 3.0 and Arduino

Endless way to expand

Product photos:



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Red, Orange, Green


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