Oriori Fun Go social sports somatosensory motion running game controller

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What’s Oriori Fun Go?

Physical health is everything!Oriori Fun Go is a virtual reality sports and fitness data collection device in smart cool play market with high-sensitive sensors to quickly collect your pace of exercise and perfectly combine with the APP to put you into the ultra-realistic virtual scene, allowing you to walk around the world without leaving your home
Funwalker, office light sports, portable gym.
Support remote competition (100 meters 200 meters 400 meters), team members voice chat, nearby people, cycling racing, marathon. The AI robot can be generated based on the historical movement record, challenge the robot to obtain the title and share the circle of friends.
Come and have a game with your friends and talk about running!
Function description:

  • The software side establishes a virtual motion scene through 3D modeling, and collects the motion state of the human limb through the sensor, making the remote interaction of the sport possible.
  • Designed a variety of fun sports modes, can be used with marathon, spinning bikes, rowing machines, climbing machines. Heart rate acquisition, step frequency acquisition, voice chat, friend circle sharing and other functions.

sports + Social design function Record data, challenge yourself next time More fun to run with friends together in oriori fungo Remote online competition live chat support multi famous scenes in oriori fungo share and chat with the world runner High-sensing sensor, 0.1S Grab frequency

Widely compatible with treadmills, spinning bikes



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