Oriori ball – Original design new products 2018


Have exquisite appearance and unparalleled  sense of touch magical Oriori ball. could  grip strength and play games,  bring you healthy and fun.  Super long standby time .

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Oriori ball – Original design new products 2018

oriori ball

Product Description:

Oriori ball is a smart grip exercise equipment that is ultra-portable with extremely strong entertainment.The External Silicone is in Ergonomic design, The internal sensitive sensor is in high precision metal.With the fast connection of Bluetooth and mobile phone, you can do wonderful and interesting games by pinching Oriori ball; Fitness and Fun.

Product Features:

Unparalleled sense of touch — Ergonomic appearance,  Selected materials,

Super long standby time — High-performance battery, low power design, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere.

The interesting mobile phone game sports — Through the Bluetooth and mobile communications to test grip strength, accuracy to grams level.

Lightweight and portable — Pinch Oriori ball anywhere, exercise  your grip strength, help you build a healthy body.

Keep good mood — Release your stress and bring fun.

Promote friendship — Some of Oriori sports have an online function, you can challenge your friends, Promote friendship.

Product Parameters:

Item size: 68*42*44mm
Material : Silicon
Weight: Net weight: 66g
Gross weight:150g
Color: red, green, blue, black, white,pink
gift box including:1 *Oriri ball, 1*manual, 1*data cable
Single package size:91*91*50mm


orioritech oriori ball

original oriori balloriori ball packing


How to use Oriori ball?

1.Search and download Oriori in APP store (Android: Google play IOS: Apple store)

2.Keep your phone Bluetooth is open

3. Take Oriori ball out and put it in your palm of hand

4. Hold Oriori ball firmly for “3 seconds”

5.Oriori vibrates and buzzes then open successfully!

6.Open Oriori APP, sign up your account or choose the tourist, select your mobile device to bind in the information page. If binding is successful, the device will connect automatically when entering again

When the binding button turns red, indicating that the device is bound successfully, confirm device with “Oriori ball“, then you can start the oriori sports.

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Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 9.1 × 9.1 × 5 cm

pink, yellow, green


 Original design new products oriori ball 2018 Release your stress and bring fun oriori ballUnparalleled sense of touch oriori ballDynamic oriori ballGrip test oriori ballgrip strength oriori ballSilica gel oriori ballcolorful oriori ballred green blue black white pink oriori balltest grip strength oriori ballinternal sensitive sensor is in high precision metal oriori ball interesting games by pinching Oriori ballLightweight and portable oriori ball

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Q1: Is the use of oriori ball for the first time available?

A1: It is generally charged. It requires a long pinch to activate. It can be filled in about 45 minutes.

Q2. Can Oriori ball connect to Bluetooth on the car?

A2. Connected to car Bluetooth, if you play the game on the car screen this feature adaptation will have a big problem, each car system is different. And there will be security issues when playing the game, but you can count the number of times when you are not connected to the Bluetooth, and connect the mobile phone to count the number of times to the APP.

Q3. Is there a “add friend” function to play with Oriori ball APP?

A3. The APP has a friend function, which can be added according to the user’s name.

Q4. Oriori ball if ordering grinding tools such as an egg type is much like the MOQ?

A4. Custom Oriori ball mold cost two or three thousand small model, but it will lead to more expensive unit price.

Q5. Is there a detailed description of this product on the web page? Including APP introduction, usage instructions, game types, etc.

A5. There is no game introduction at present, there is function to introduce, website www.nicenini.com

Q6. How long does it take to open a mold? How many thousand & 10,000 delivery terms?

A6. The mold opening time is 20 days, one or twenty thousand delivery half month

Q7. Is there a problem with the display at the exhibition? With the mobile phone APP connected to the display screen, can the APP be properly connected without a network?

A7. Need to have a network

Q8. We can only play with a vertical screen with a mobile phone. Will the screen be horizontal?

A8. Can not cross screen, all vertical screen

Q9. What does conn/conning stand for?

A9. Conn is waiting for the connection conning is connecting, red is already connected (the red state is to unbind, only the first binding, behind the automatic connection, if you click red, then the next time you want to reconnect Now that each APP can only connect one device at a time?

Q10. If I use the APP first, is it only possible to turn off the phone and re-activate it so that even if Bluetooth is turned off, it cannot automatically switch to another machine?

A10. Connection problem, as long as these two numbers are bound to this Oriori ball, as long as one side is disconnected, the other side can be connected, an account can only be bound to a device, easy access to the APP automatically connected, we hit the domestic version and In foreign versions, a mobile phone should not be turned on at the same time. To switch between them, turn off the other one.

Q11. What if the APP opens earlier than the ball, flashes back and cannot be connected?

A11. To flash back into the APPstore version, as for the problem, double-click home to turn off the running nini sports, and then open APP to retry, if the same account is bound to the same Oriori ball .

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