AR Learning Education card-Mini Mons Town toys for kids

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Mini Mons Town is a interesting and funny AR card games for 3-8 years old kids.  It very helpful for children’s early education.  as the same time, it also a new product integrating painting, puzzles, learning, entertainment and oneness.


AR Learning Education card-Mini Mons Town toys for kids

mini mons town ar education toys for kid, painted on cards

Product Description:

Mini Mons Town, The good helper for child intelligence development

Monster town is a early education entertainment products of children,which combined software with physical spells, with the combination of the traditional hands-on painting and early education game software
the children’s own creation of the works could be saved to the small monster’s virtual world, it enriches the small monster world by his hands and builds their own dreams in the game world.
It is official designated teaching aids of Hong Kong kindergarten,Highly cost effective, one good choice as gift,It can be painted,  manual operated and point reading. Paper can be reusable. It’s not only a toy but also a teaching aids, It is very meaningful to play while learning.
Family parent-child games that fathers and children can play together;

Product Features:

Unlimited painting — Improve the children’s painting ability, Enhance the color recognition.

Puzzle game — High-quality cardboard can be built with your imagination

11 language learning,3000 Daily vocabulary — Click on any object and there will be a live pronunciation

HongKong preschool official teaching book — Irreplaceable supplementary textbooks for kindergarten teacher

Family time — Enjoy the free time with your child, Get closer to each other,playing and learning

Improve kids Daily life fun — Make Monster’s as your pet, Decorate its home, take it to shop and school. variety of life scenes need to be decoration improve children’s explored imagination

Product Parameters:

Item size:285x210x2mm
Material :Paper card
Gift package: Size:40×22.5×4.5cm
Outside package: Size:49x42x25cm
Quantity:10 Pcs/box


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How to use it ?

  1. Scan the QR code or search and download “Mini Mons Town” in APP store
  2. Open APP, scan activation code in instructions (Only need to be activated in first use)
  3. Paint the card with your favorite colors
  4. Click the “camera icon button”, select the scene that corresponds to the card.
  5. Scan the painting card, choose the language and click any object for live pronunciation.
  6. Scan the little monster, make it as your live pet and take it to anywhere.
  7. Start your amazing journey with your new friends.
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Q1:What the MiNi Mons is?

A1:Mini Mons town is a children’s early education entertainment product that combines the AR technology with the puzzle paper card

Q2: How many phones does an activation code apply?

A2: As usual, an activation code can activate two phones and in special cases, The extra activation codes can be given

Q3: can we customize our favorite little monster image?

A3: Of course you can, we accept the additional customization of the product

Q4: Is this the final version of the monster town?

A4: Mini Mons Town will firstly launch three topics (home, school, shop) and Mini Mons, then more topics will be added to make our town full of joys and adventures for kids.

Q5: Can the language be customized?

A5: For Sure, The Chinese and English are available now.The others Will be launched soon.

Q6:Which age the Mini Mons Town suitable for?

A5:It suit for 3-8-year-old kids.

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    this ar card is creative

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    Good knowledge. Thank you!

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