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Unlike ordinary four axis aircraft plastic dorne toys,this assembly drone product is a multi-rotor aircraft that can operate to fly easily under the condition of normal operation of the power supply and components without damage. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can easily cause personal injury or financial loss if they are not properly operated, and may violate relevant state regulations and cause serious consequences if it is misconducted.So we designed this four axis assembly drone kit,you and your kids can easily start build your own drones and fly in safe

four axis aircraft features

  • Rise, fall, turn left, turn right, forward, backward, left fly, right fly,roll.
  • Fixed height,stable flight
  • One-button takeoff,one-click landing
  • you can DIY eucalyptus aircraft structure.
  • support install with aerial camera.

four axis aircraft drone

plastic drone toy

The instruction of aircraft assembly

The instruction of aircraft assembly.

When mounting the motor pedestal, align the position of “A” and “B” on the correct board, “A” corresponds to the red and blue line motor, and “B” corresponds to the black and white line motor. Do not mix up.

This module divided into two editions, the ordinary version contains LED indicator, and it can upgrade to aerial camera.

aircraft with LED indicator

Propellers with protruding marks should be mounted on red and blue wire motors, and unlabeled propellers should be mounted on black and white wire motors. When installing, press down vigorously to ensure that the gap between the bottom of the cap and the motor is only enough to insert the disassembly tool.

Disassembly tool:
insert the disassembly toolinto the gap between the bottom of the cap and the motor, then press the motor to pry up the propeller and take it away.

drone ccessories

The instruction of remote control assembly

instruction of remote control assembly

drones instruction manual



1.Turn off the power and remove the it step by step and be careful



2.Connect the battery socket to the USB line, then connect the USB port to the computer. (The light is on when the battery gets charged, and it will be off when the battery is full.)

Step three:Push the throttle up to the highest,
then pull it down to the lowest,
and the blue light on the aircraft
changes from flash to constant light to
indicate success.At this point, the
aircraft enters the preparatory stage.

Step one: Turn on the power
switch on the top of the aircraft

Step two: Turn on the remote
power switch

Headless mode

1. Start-up and Settings: The default mode of aircraft front side is:Headless mode. If it gets impacted or has a deviation, please restart to the direction you need to adjust to. Press the headless mode button. When the remote control constantly emitsbeep-beep and aircraft indicator light alternately flashes, theheadless mode starts.
2. Exit headless mode: press the headless mode button again, when the remote control emits one “beep” sound and the indicator light is always on,exits the headless mode.

four axis aircraft headless mode

As shown above, in headless mode, no matter where is the front side of the aircraft, the place of remote control is certain to be the right rear of the aircraft. Therefore, the four sides of aircraft are located in accordance with remote control instead of the aircraft.

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