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Body fat scale using an alloy electrode sheet suitable for human body frequency, the micro-current flows through the body through the body
The flow of internal microcurrent, measuring resistance infers fat and blood meat waiting for body composition.

  • Weighing range:0.2-180kg,size:290mm*260mm*21mm,Material:tempered glass ABS,name 5:personenweegschaal tilts body fat,Graduation value:0.1kg,Body Index:13 items,Pattern Type:Pattern
  • Types 3:bathroom products bathroom scales,Function:Body Fat and Water Content Testing,Maximum Weight Recommendation:180kg,name 4:Precision balance tilts personenwaage body fat,styles:scale bathroom human weight,Display:HD LCD display,Battery:2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Scale Type:Digital,style:body fat scale BMI fat scale,name:Smart Bathroom Fat Scale,Applicable places:bedroom bathroom,types 4:scales smart scales poids balance,Features:weight measuring fat measuring water measuring,name 3:peso digital weighing scale for body
  • types 2:smart balance body balance waage,Health Scale Weight Indication:Digital,name 2:personenweegschaal smart body scale,style 2:bascula corporal weight balance,Type:Household Scales,Shape:Rectangle
  • Sensor:High sensitivity sensor,Screen size:67mm*29mm,Health Scale Metal Bonding Point:Four-point Type,Types:bmi scale body digital scale,style 3:floor scales electronic scales floor,Product quality:high quality PK xiaomi and yunmai or picooc gason.

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