Augmented Reality glasses for games/movies 2018


Oriori 2018 new Augmented Reality glasses widely used for: Movies, Dramas, mobile Games, Drone sync video, AR applications, 360 panoramic videos, reading etc.

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augmented reality glasses for games

Oriori 2018 new Augmented Reality glasses widely used for: watching Episodes, Movies,  playing Games , Drone sync video, AR applications, watching 360 panoramic videos, Reading etc.

AR glasses Features: 

1. Augmented Reality glasses  Professional optical design, high-fidelity reproduction of the picture, clear and not eye-catching. Perfect image effects, optimized for optical distortion, providing a rich and vivid color experience.

2. AR glasses 60-69°ultra-wide FOV, magnify the phone screen 2 times, truly 2K big-screen viewing effect, dual focus design, imaging at the comfortable distance of 40-50cm in front of the eyes.

3. AR glasses are suitable for 4.7’’- 6.0’’ Android and iPhone phones, which can be extended to the size of the phone, firmly fixed to it. Easy to insert and remove the phone. The open structure facilitates heat dissipation and prevents the phone from becoming hot.

4. Ultimate Cinematic experience. Fully locked light source to enhance the brightness of the screen, with bright, rich colors, our unique optical design can optimize more details to the extreme, bring more vivid pictures, improve your viewing quality.

5.  Playing tons of AR games: Access any games app in your phone, all games could AR experience. using AR glasses and Wireless Bluetooth gamepad to play all racing and shooting games on the platform.

6.  A wide range of applications, In addition to watching Movies and playing AR games,  also supports mainstream AR platform, ARKit, ARCore ,Drone sync video, 360 panoramic video, reading etc.

7. Non-interrupted design, does not hinder daily actions, can be worn for a long time; AR glasses product structure fits the head, wearing stable and comfortable; multi-angle viewing, regardless of sitting posture.

8. Bright black curved lenses lead the trend design, AR glasses are no longer “ugly”, fashion AR glasses.

9. The entire AR glasses are only 200g, freely telescopic design, easy to store and carry; small size is more convenient to carry around, suitable for use in various occasions: indoor, camping, on the road, leisure time, etc.

10. Cheap AR glasses,  most competitive price on the marketing , low price, high quality and multi-function.


AR glasses used for :

Scene 1: Playing AR game

AR glasses with wireless gamepads, play all-terrain racing and shooting games.
• Eat Chicken Game: Wilderness Action, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, CF Desert Island Special Training, Xiaomi Shootout
• Shooting Games: Modern Warfare 5, Shooting King
• Racing games: wild racing, Need for Speed, and coming together
• Action Adventure: King Glory, NBA, Collapse 3, Gathering, Assassin’s Creed, Gundam, etc.

Scene 2: Watching movies/ episodes

Watch all mobile platform video content, chase artifacts
• Watch live broadcast platform
• Watch the instructional video while learning
• Compatible with 4.7~5.5 inch screen mobile phone
• Full screen viewing, larger and more comfortable
• Unique design, stable structure, mobile phone is not easy to fall off

Scenario 3: Support for mainstream AR content

Recommended AR content: The Machines \ AR Dragon \ ZG: Revenant \ Skyguid \ Conduct AR ! \ AMON

Scene 4: Drone sync video

Achieve simultaneous transfer of images for enhanced immersion experience
• Wear a Viewer in a bright light environment to avoid direct sunlight
• Large screen display, God view shooting operation
• Unlike traditional flying glasses, the open design gives you a better understanding of the surrounding situation
• Support all drones with simultaneous transmission

Scene 5: Reading application

More healthy and comfortable reading, away from myopia

1, open the horizontal screen mode
2, open the automatic reading function (adjustable page turning time)
3, start reading

Scene 6: Watch 360 panoramic video – Realize the first perspective

1, with 360 panoramic camera
2, open the panorama soft (insta360 / Mijia panorama)
3, wear Viewer, browse the panoramic video

Scene 7: Helping the weapon

Enjoy private viewing, enjoy the world of one person; release your hands and interact more…

How to use AR glasses :

1: Slide into the phone on AR glasses
2: Wear AR glasses
3: Lower the AR glasses curved mirror
4: Start watching

how to use ar glasses

• Adjustable curved mirror to adjust the picture to the most comfortable area
• Do not scratch the curved or flat mirror with sharp objects. When not in use, bend the curved mirror into a good shape.
• Wipe with a wet tissue or glasses cloth
• This consumer version is not removable

AR glasses parameters :

Item size: 20.0*15.0*8.0 cm
Material: ABS
Weight: 213.5g
Color: Black
Technical parameters Best viewing size: 4.7 – 6.0 inch mobile phone
Support mobile phone system: Android, IOS
Object distance: 48mm
Interpupillary distance: 64mm
Maximum field of view: 69°
Reflectance: ≥85%
Magnification: 2.0
Gift package Size:22.5 cm * 19.1 cm * 11.1cm
Gross weight: 439g

AR glasses photos:

augmented reality glasses

augmented reality glasses for games

non-interrupted design augmented reality glasses

augmented reality glasses watching movies

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