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AR gun is a online shooting games toy based on Augmented Reality technology, link App by Bluetooth, Users can seamlessly blend the real world with the game world.

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AR games

AR gun is a online shooting games toy based on Augmented Reality technology, By pairing with the mobile app via Bluetooth, users can seamlessly blend the real world with the game world.

The elite built-in games have been updated to 8 models, including: space fighters, fishing kings, zombie sieges, mechanical aliens, etc.

A variety of games can directly use real-life scenes as a game background, giving players an immersive gaming experience.

AR Gun Features:

1. Augmented reality technology

The bedroom becomes a battlefield full of enemy planes? Where is the fishing spot in the bathroom? Using the real-life scene of the player as the game background, Augmented Reality brings the most unique gaming experience.

2. Game updates, never stop!

The app has a variety of built-in games, such as: space fighters, zombie sieges, mechanical aliens, Q cute little jelly beans, etc. Each game requires different gameplay and strategy. At the same time, we are constantly increasing and updating the game mode.

3. More interactive

By adding the solid direction button, the player can control the game body to advance, retreat, and move left and right on the battlefield to better integrate into the “battlefield” and capture the enemy!

4. Fight together

Increase the online function, team up to play monsters, players are no longer a lonely hero!

5. Audiovisual feast

In addition to the real-life background as a game background, the player’s own background image visual and sound effects are excellent, making people want to stop!

6. Delicate Scrub texture

The use of matte Scrub ABS material gives the player the ultimate smooth feel.

AR Gun Use Guide:

1.Go to App store or Google Play 

Search for .. AR Gun The Guardian”   download the app for the Guardian.

2. Get The guardian ready

Unscrew the battery cover:  Load 2 x AAA batteries, and close the battery cover;  Pull the trigger 3 second to power it on.

3. Connection

Enable the Bluetooth of your smartphone; Wait for automatic connection.

4. Phone installation 

Pull open the phone holder to fit your smartphone in.

5. Let the Game begin

Choose the difficulty level from 1 to 8 by tapping on the screen; Use the smartphone·s screen as monitor and shoot by pulling trigger.

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online shooting games




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