AR animal cards best educational toys for children-Fancy zoo


Fancy zoo is a children’s enlightenment education products, using 3D + AR (enhanced reality) technology, through interaction of the card and the screen , stimulating the baby’s sensory experience. 68 sheets cognitive cards, 3D images and pure English Interactive games can help enhance roundly the baby’s memory, imagination and hands-on ability, so that learning becomes more interesting!


AR animal cards best educational toys for children to Preschool learning-Fancy zoo

fancy zoo the best educational toys for 2 year olds

Product Description:

Fancy Zoo is an interactive learning app for children in early education. It brings children a new way of seeing animals in Augmented Reality, and it also supports VR mode. There are varies animals,such as dolphin, lion, dinosaur and so on. It is astonishing to see these animals move around your desk! Muti languages are also involved, such as  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,which makes the learning process more interesting!

Product Parameters:

Brand nameFancy zoo
Item size:72*72mm
Material :Single copper Paper
Gift package:Number of cards: 68 sheets
Size: 280 * 190 * 60mm
suitable preschoolers2-8 year olds
education methodAR educational toys


Product features:

Fancy zoo has 13 languages— simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, English, Russian.Default language is  English.

68 Pcs Magical Animal Flashcards— 12 Marine animals, 24 Land animals, 9 insects, 13 Flying animals and 10 dinosaurs

The combination of VR+AR technology has made animal images more vivid. with the corresponding animal sounds while learning languages, making the learning process not boring any more.

Showing advanced technology to children can broaden their horizons and develop imagination. In that way, learning is not only “listening, speaking, reading and writing”, but also playing.

A strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge are the characteristics of each preschool child.All things for 1-6 year-old baby would be full of attractiveness. They want to know all things,such as cat,dog,bird,fish and so on. By reading books and cards,children can remember the main features of common animals, which can help improve their ability to distinguish, observe, and cognitive.


Product photos:

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Q1: How many multi languages are there in it?

A1: 68 Pcs Magical Animal Flashcards with 13 multi languages.

Q2: How to use Fancy zoo?

A2: Firstly, scan the two-dimensional code on the package to download the APP, then, open the APP, and scan the two-dimensional code(up to 5 devices) on the using book . Lastly, when you phone is one the card, the animals come out.

Q3: Does is suit for 7 Years old child?

A3: Yes, it says for ages 2 and up.

Q4: How to use VR mode?

A4: Combined with VR glasses, after scanning the card, there will be yellow dots around the card, through the sight to align the yellow dots, to promote the scanning of animals to the yellow dots to experience the animal walking attitude. In learning the language at the same time, the same way to experience, so that learning… see more

Q5: What’s the difference between this flashcard and others?

A5: Pandawill flashcard is a childhood learning interactive learning cognitive card, the use of AR (enhanced reality) technology, combined with VR (virtual reality) technology, to the children to bring a new interactive experience.

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