AR bow shooting games bluetooth controller for IOS and Android


Oriori ARcher is a bow-shaped game toybased on augmented reality technology .The gyroscope of the smartphone can detect the target of the hunter and shoot by pulling the bowstring. Download Geekplay Archer APP. There are six games for youto playvia a mobile Bluetooth connection . This is a very fun mobile game tool for children and adults. Suitable for IOS and Android Smart iPhone.


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AR bow shooting games bluetooth controller for IOS and Android

AR Bow Shooter

Oriori ARCHER is abased on augmented reality technology of arched game toy, hunter’s target is the smartphone gyroscopes to detect, and you can be fired by pulling the bowstring. 1. This is a technology product. 2. Enjoy a new gaming experience. 3. The game is constantly updated and content is constantly enriched.

High-quality ABS design, elegant appearance, innovation and trend in parallel.
AR technology is not limited by venues. The content of the game has now been increased to six, and will continue to be updated.
Bow and arrow return to the real game, so that playing archery is more mandatory to send children gifts, it is worth recommending.

Product parameters:

product name AR Bow Shooter
Item size: (Expanded) 542m
× 173m × 45m (closed) 403m × 179m × 45m
Material: ABS
colour: Blue, orange, gray
weight: 307g
Gift packaging:  1 x ARcher , 1 x Command
Gross weight: 606.6 g
Size:57 * 22 * ​​5.3 centimeters
Game application name Geekplay Shooter
Communication mode Blutooth control
Suitable person Children and adults
power supply  2 AAA batteries
(without battery pack)
Including games Dragon Defense
Hunter’s Mission
Last Guardian
Saves Mr. Doggie


Product photo:


AR Bow Shooter games handleAR Bow Shooter games

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Q1: Where download the game APP?

A1: Scan the QR code on the product, or App Store. search Geekplay ARcher.

Q2: Can Android phones work?

A2: Yes, requires Android 4.4 version and built-in gyroscope function.

Q3: How many games are there?

A3: six,included Dragon Defense,Hunter’s Missions,The Last Guardian,The Walkers,Saving Mr. Doggie,MathHunter

Q4: Could kids play?

A4: yes, This product is also defined as a child education product.

Q5:what is the Materials? Is it heavy?

A5: High-quality ABS design, beautiful appearance, innovation and trend in parallel. only 307g.

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