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Kid Toys Buying Guide


Toys are children’s partners, and toys play an indispensable role in the growth of children. Good toys can play a vital role in the development of children’s education. Especially in infants , toys attract children through by their own charm. Therefore, the role of toys is extraordinary.

With the development of science and technology, the quality and use of toys are becoming more and more diversified. Nowadays, many toy manufacturers are also aware of the market of educational toys, so they have intensified research and development in this area.

Oriori professional educational toy developer provides children with a series of educational toys, to help improve children’s intellectual development. Having AR technology toys , smart interactive toys,Assembling toys,Robot toys , Car toys, cool toys ,drone toys etc.

Here is the kid Toys Buying Guide: 

AR mini mons town:

Five scenes(home, town, supermarket, school, Christmas house)help children to learn 3,000 vocabulary words and up to 11 languages. also play puzzles, draw AR graffiti, and more!

AR animal cards:

68pcs 4D flash AR cards,  help kid to know 68 animals. 12 marine animals, 24 land animals, 9 insects, 13 flying animals and 10 dinosaurs.

AR cards: 

AR (Augmented Reality) Mode, VR (Virtual Reality) Mode and Holographic mode to explore marine animals, stars and dinosaurs.

AR globe:

Countries / Natural Geology / Landmarks / Animals / Dinosaurs / Planetary Orbit / Location  mode  teaches kids about the world and world cultures.

Writing board for kids:

Three-use Smart electric writing board for kids – Writing board, drawing board, Copy painting board.  The latest development upgraded version writing and drawing tablet.

Wall climbing car toys :

4WD assembled wall climbing car toy , DIY assembled himself, Helping to cultivate children’s brain power and creativity. Science and technology education is of great significance.

Robot car toys:

Weeebot mini coding robots is an open-and-play robot for young children and students to get first hands-on experience on smart coding robot

Wooden drone toys :

wooden assembling drone toys for kids or young  people to build your own drone. Natural pure wood, Detailed instructions, Complete accessories to teach children how to build your own drone.

 Mindlink spider toy: 

Mindlink spider  is a high tech smart toys,  Controlling Mindlink spider’s walking through brain waves thought.  First assembling the Mindlink  spiders,  then focusing on you mind  to controlling walking of Mindlink spider. Training kids attention on toy and  Concentration of things.

Telescopes for kids:

astronomical telescopes for kids,  cheap  telescopes for sale. Give children an observational dream and cultivate interest in the universe and the planet.

Microscope for kids:

with LED 100x ,200x, 400x and 1200x Magnification zoom microscope for kids  to develop kid’s creativity and love for the organism and science. Education toys science microscope kit for kids.


kid robot toys:

simple programming Interactive kid robot toy, Interactive robots, have super sense ability, able to sense your special orders. also large-capacity coin banks,  Helps kids to develop saving habits.  Voice recording and reminders, can record and alert your voice and play the funny audio clips for you. Programming and obstacle avoidance, a smart robot and could remember many actions. Personal delivery assistants, help little master carry and transfer small items and transfer items between and interact with each other,Is a very meaningful gift for kids.

Alloy Robot Toys:

Induction, touch, multi-function, light music, intelligent Mini alloy robot toy. It is a nice playing toys robotic with kids. It can make the eyes flashing and change the 6 different music by touching the head. Flexible Joints, more fun remote control robot with various actions. Kids will enjoy playing with this fun toy robot. A good gift for children.

Pocket Robot toys :

Educational Mini Pocket Robot for Kids with Interactive Dialogue Conversation, Voice Recognition, Chat Record, Singing and  Dancing,  Small Robot Toy Gift.

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