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How to choose the toys for different ages

Do you know the characteristics and growth needs of your baby in different age groups? How to choose toys for children, or how to choose the most suitable toys for your child’s age?

Children of different ages will have different physical and mental development characteristics. Only the correct selection of toys corresponding to the age of the child will be beneficial to the healthy growth, and can also effectively play the role of the toy “education and fun”.

Below for children of different ages, we list their characteristics and the corresponding educational toys list, parents can use as a reference.

1–6 months Babies characteristics

From birth to 6 months, the baby will not sit, basically on the back, often lying in bed. This period is a good opportunity to train babies hearing and vision.

Educational toys for 1–6 months

Recommended toys: Small rattles, rattles, music boxes, wind chimes, colorful faces, pictures, animal shapes, etc.

Children's rattle toys

1 years old Babies characteristics

The baby of this period began to exercise: rolling, sitting, hiding, climbing, standing. At this time, you can choose some toys that encourage your child’s activities, such as toys that can make music, bright colors and move.

But this time the child starts to have long deciduous teeth and likes to bite, so you should choose plastic or rubber products that are not toxic.

Educational toys for 1 years old

Recommended toys: dolls, puppets, big balls, plastic or wooden car with wheels etc.

Child biting something

2–3 year olds Infants characteristics

Children aged 2 to 3 years old urgently need visual stimulation. Therefore, in the choice of toys, it is appropriate to vocalize, illuminate, fall and be creative.

Educational toys for 2–3 year olds

Recommended toys: 2 years old can play with building blocks, animal toys that can be called, etc., 3 year old children can play puzzles. play puzzles toys

4–5 year olds Children characteristics

The baby can start the small brain to solve the problem. At this time, the toy requires more delicate finger movement, and the baby’s thinking and cognitive ability will be well developed.

Educational toys for 4–5 year olds

Recommended toys: puzzles, fishing games, building blocks, play house suits, game trains, multi-function writing boards, etc.

wooden block toys

6–7 year olds Toddlers characteristics

The child is about to go to elementary school, and curiosity and imitation have been greatly improved, choosing inspiring and creative toys.

Education toys for 6–7 year olds

Recommended toys: complex puzzles, assembled toys, balls, skipping ropes, small bicycles, sandbags, drawing boards.

4dw climbing car toys

8–12 year olds Kids characteristics

7 years old or older, choose toys that are conducive to further improve children’s logical thinking ability; popular science, knowledgeable toys; competitive, strategic game toys. Not only learn the scientific principles, but also improve the hands-on ability.

Educational toys for 8–12 year olds

Recommended toys: AR globe, robot toys , car robot, mindlink spider toys etc.

oriori ar cards education toys

Understand the characteristics of children at different ages. Are you worried about how to choose toys for children?

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