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Best wake up light Sunrise alarm clock

sunrise alarm clock wake up light


I am a late sleeper, I work in oriori technology company and do marketing. Sleeping every night is after 0 o’clock, sometimes sleeping at 2 o’clock. So, as you can imagine, on countless mornings, I wake up with a noisy alarm clock and then get up and wash.

Are you still woken up by a noisy alarm clock as me? if yes, I recommend the Best wake up light Sunrise alarm clock for you.

sunrise lamp

The first thing that attracted me to the alarm clock was the sunrise concept. Sunrise alarm clock will starts up 10 minutes in advance, Simulating the sunrise, Illuminate your bedroom Gradually. With a soft ringtone, I wake up very easily.

Maybe you will think that this is no different from other alarm clocks, just one more sunrise light effect. but i want to see, it’s also a Bedroom bedside lamp, daily lighting and 6 colors lighting.

colorful light sunrise lamp

The sunrise alarm clock not only Wake Up Light but also Bluetooth Speaker . New design for music-lovers, Connected your mobile phone bluetooth, Play your favorite musics with colorful scene lights to enjoy at the moment.

natural light alarm clock

Sunrise alarm clock is the best wake up light alarm clock for young people. Minimalist design, Simple operation, Physical button and Smart touch all factors for young people’s love.

if you also want one, click : Sunrise alarm clock wake up light

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