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Best Educational Toys for Kids in 2018

best education toys

Your little geniuses can’t understand everything by nature, but they start exploring their world at a very young age. This crucial phase provides deep educational value, and the development of good habits.

Playing, of course, is important to all children. As parents of children in the exploration stage, beginning their educational journey with toys that teach, empower, and—most importantly—are fun to use encourages exploration.

What are some of the best educational toys for kids in 2018?

Below, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best educational toys for kids. These toys have been recognized and recommended by many international early childhood education experts—and are used in educational institutions.

The 4 Best Educational Toys for Kids in 2018

  1. AR (Augmented Reality) Mini-Mons Town

best education toys

Mini-Mons Town invites toddlers into a cute dream world filled with creatures who teach your children 3,000 vocabulary words and up to 11 languages. When it’s time for fun, play puzzles, draw AR graffiti, and more!


Infinite painting, painted in a blank place to improve the child’s ability to paint, enhance color recognition, the color can be gently wiped with soft paper

Learning in 11 languages, 3000 everyday words, Click on any object, there will be live pronunciation!

Hong Kong Kindergarten Official Teaching Materials, Non-substitutable supplementary materials for kindergarten teachers.

Puzzle Games,  High quality cardboard can be built with your imagination.

AR Mini-Mons Town is one of the  to know life.

More info: AR mini mons town

buy now,  Recommended index 5 stars.

video: AR Mini Mons Town



  1. AR (Augmented Reality) Globe

AR globe

Explore the world with your child—and bring it to life with AR mode! Teach your children about geography, iconic landmarks, animals around the world, geology, dinosaurs, weather, and more. It’s a big world out there, and the AR globe captures it all for a truly unique learning experience.


Countries / Natural Geology / Landmarks / Animals / Dinosaurs / Planetary Orbit / Location / teaches kids about the world and world cultures.

Fun game mode helps your child to recognize and understand our planet and beyond!

AR globe is one of the best educational toys for kids to learn the world.

more info: AR Globe

buy now, Recommended index 5 stars.

video: AR Globe


  1. AR (Augmented Reality) Animal Cards

learnning toys AR animal cards

Bring the zoo right into your living room—but don’t worry, these animals won’t leave a mess! Learn about 68 animals with AR cards that bring the wonders of nature to your home.


68 animals: 12 marine animals, 24 land animals, 9 insects, 13 flying animals and 10 dinosaurs.

AR animal cards is our best educational toy for kids to learn about animals.

More info: AR animal cards

buy now, Recommended index 5 stars.

Video: AR animal cards


  1. Oriori AR Cards

oriori ar cards education toys

Take your kids from the Earth to the Moon—and beyond—with over 30 interactive cards that teach your children about marine animals, insects, and planets.


Oriori AR cards with AR (Augmented Reality) Mode, VR (Virtual Reality) Mode and Holographic mode.

Kids play with and experience new technology toys, and can learn about animals, insects and the orbits of planets.

Oriori AR cards is the best education toys for kid to experience playing with VR / AR / Holographic viewing modes.

More info: Oriori AR cards

buy now, Recommended index also 4.5 stars.


Oriori is dedicated to providing you and your children a unique play experience that propels them towards knowledge and an eagerness to learn more—while having a fun time.

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