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AR/ VR/ 3D/ Holographic viewing mode Oriori Augmented Reality cards

Oriori AR cards Holographic

From virtual reality to augmented reality to holographic mode, the market is gradually evolving. Today, we recommend a product with multiple viewing modes – Oriori AR cards.  Oriori Augmented Reality AR/VR Cards, Realistic 3D effect, AR+VR+3D+Holographic viewing mode.

Oriori AR cards Holographic

Box: coated 1-side artpaper
Card: artpaper
Blister: PVC
VR glasses: ABS
Holographic mirrors

Oriori Holographic boxAR cards Holographic display box

Hologram Box and Hologram Lens, Dual Version Selection

VR glassess

Pink VR glasses

Oriori AR cards

Oriori AR card with high quality and eco-friendly material, beautiful card appearance and realistic model.

The Oriori AR card uses AR+VR+3D+Holographic viewing mode, 13 languages, A total of 30 cards, card themes include Marine Animal, Insect and Planet three themes. Not just new audiovisual toys, but also international teaching methods, rich interactive features that can attract the attention of students. Improve their ability to accept and remember.

If you are interested, you can contact us:  or  buy direct samples: Oriori Augmented Reality AR Cards

Oriori focus on AR technology  kids early education toys and smart cool play.  more information about AR/VR/3D/Holographic products , smart cool play and  early childhood  education toys,  please contact us.


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