What Oriori is?

Original Design

Oriori, the brand for original design and innovation, all products in Oriori is in Exclusive design.

Oriori Union

Oriori, With strong technical support has allied with many R&D groups, like Niceplay Tech, Giraffe Daddy, and Crocodile Tech,Momodiz ……,the strong Oriori Union is creating.

Oriori service

Every great idea can be OEM&ODM,
Oriori care and share with your great idea.
Make your idea be tangible.

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What Oriori do?

The Mission of ORIORI

To encourage innovation and protect innovation

The target of ORIORI

To create global technology new hot products

The Vision of ORIORI

To promote the ORIORI products over the world in effective and shortest time, make our global channel customers take up a certain market share in their local market

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Designed products
Technology Union
Pro Workers

Our Technology Union

Niceplay whose name is short for Net Interactive Competitive Exercise, established in 2016, focusing on sport intelligent hardware development with a mission to encourage people to do sport by a gaming way.

Patented design: Oriori Ball (Wechat Innovation Competition Winner)

Niceplay Technology
Niceplay Technology Co., Ltd Oriori sports ball

Giraffe Daddy is a group built by three couples with an aim to make a cartoon for their kids to create their own fairy worlds. From 2016, they’ve created 16 carton images, 4 early education APP and a hardware – Mini-mons Town.

giraffe daddy
Giraffe Daddy Technology Co., Ltd AR mini mons town

Lead by CAS doctors, with a mission to free mind and act, Crocodile Tech focuses on smart mobility research and development since 2014,  developed patented hoverboard, servo scooter, solowheel, etc.

Crocodile Technology
Crocodile Technology Co., Ltd 2 wheel electric scooter

How our factory is?

As a professional factory, It covers 11000㎡, in order to strive for perfection, our factory has brought in and updated the Japanese FUJI NXT series, XP242, XP243, CP8, a total of 7 has the international first-class level of high-speed SMT production line, as well as more than ten DIP, test, and assembly line.

The factory qualification certification is complete, with ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO 13485:2003, OHSAS18001: 2007, BSCI,3C certification and other compliance with product specifications for international import and export.In addition, our products have corresponding CE, Rohs, and other product certifications.

Who we are?

Ori, transform from 0 to 1, originate from scratch
Oriori, The brand for Original and innovative design with a mission to encourage innovation and protect innovation, was founded in 2016 by Shenzhen FourPlusOne Industry Co., Ltd allying with three R&D groups, Niceplay Tech, Giraffe Daddy, and Crocodile Tech. Since Oriori Technology Union was founded, three product lines, AR series, Intellisense series, and Practical Innovation series, have been launched, and our products have entered brand chains, such as Wal-Mart, Sharaf DG, Hama, etc. Oriori, with an open mind for great ideas, welcome and support all R&D groups who have the real capability. Besides products design by our own teams, we’ve also been authorized by more than three R&D teams this year to support their excellent design from incubating, producing, marketing and selling.
Every great idea deserves to admire.
Oriori cares your great idea, share with your great idea,make your great idea be tangible.



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